It's rare as a model to have complete freedom while shooting.

Usually there is a client and a creative director with visions of what they want and how the photos should look and feel. A "mood" for the day and for the final product, whatever it my be. 

     Yesterday was one of those rare occasions, however, when all that was asked from me was honesty. Just me being me. At first it was hard to let go... to truly be free and enjoy myself. But then something happened to inspire me.

     RAIN. There is something about rain that just make everything seem fresh and possible. I was able to let go. Let the drops sweep me away from my everyday thoughts and concerns. Let me truly enjoy the moment and be alive.

     Nature has so many beautiful things that nourish the mind and the body, but too often we forget how good it can be for our souls. Take time to enjoy the simple things the earth has to offer, because even in the middle of New York City, nature can bring peace of mind and escape. 

Here are some of my favorite photos by 

Pete Thompson


     I hope you enjoy... and maybe even let yourself go run in the rain the next time a storm comes your way.