Tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Alden Wicker. I was born in New Jersey, grew up in North Carolina and Maryland, and now call New York City home! I am a freelance journalist and founder of EcoCult

What is EcoCult?

EcoCult is a lifestyle website about all things sustainable in NYC and beyond, including fashion, beauty, food, design, and events. It's my attempt to showcase all the beautiful things you can buy and do and eat today, while staying true to your own values. I'm proving that you can live the good life while looking flawless and having fun!

What does Sustainable Fashion mean to you? 

Sustainable fashion to me is items that are made in a way that does as little damage to the planet as possible. That can mean a variety of things, including natural materials, upcycled or reused materials, local production, low-carbon production, non-toxic and low-impact dyes, and quality craftsmanship so that items last a long time. 

Do you think incorporating sustainable fashion into people's everyday wardrobe is possible?

Absolutely! The market is growing all the time and there are so many beautiful things, but I would love to see all fashion be sustainable and ethical, not just niche brands. 

What does green living mean to you? 

Green living to me means living healthfully, authentically, and thoughtfully in a way that considers the environment both near and far. It's being well-read about the impact of our choices, and thinking critically about each purchase and whether it will actually improve your life, or detract from it, and how it will affect other people and animals as well. These things are not in opposition to each other! We can purchase things that will make us happier, and improve other people's lives as well, always. 

How can a green message reach a broader audience?

I think there are two ways in which this message can reach more young women: 1. When founding your green brand, remember that it needs to be so beautiful and well-made, that someone would buy it even if they didn't care at all about sustainability. You need to prove that you can run with the big dogs, and not rely on pity purchasing to keep you in business! 2. We need to teach young women to be critical thinkers, and to question the advertising that they see. They should understand how photoshop works, that advertising slogans are meaningless and manipulative, and that promises made by brands are often empty and broken. Every consumer should only buy from brands that they truly trust and vibe with! 
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 Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Voting with your dollar for the world you want to see is an essential component of living a beautiful and authentic life. But you should also get involved with political action as well! That's where the real change will come from. 

      Refinery 29, one of fashion's hottest information sources, shows great bravura in publishing this article on "Fast Fashion". Written by EcoCult's Alden Wicker, check out the article by clicking the photo above.

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Renee Peters

Renee Peters is a NYC-based model, blogger, and advocate of mindful, sustainable living. She strives to be a role model by using her platform for positive change. Through her blog, Model4GreenLiving, Peters seeks to reshape the way people think about environmental issues and provide practical tips and everyday actions for readers.  Peters uses social media to promote that same message, as well as one of self-love and body-positivity. She also volunteers, is an environmental activist, and is an avid learner of anything relating to the planet and its health. For booking inquires visit Muse Models NYC or Nomad Management Miami.