As you all know, I try to be an advocate for green living in every aspect of my life. I am vegan, organic, and sustainable in almost every purchase I make. Up until now however, that has not been true when it comes to my make up. 

 Today I am excited to share with you the first purchase I have made in vegan organic cosmetics. 


I was first introduced to RMS by a makeup artist and fellow vegan on a photoshoot here in NY. She has so much experience in the industry and knows that their products really work. 

My question was are they practical and long lasting in every day life? I know they look great on camera, but will they do the  job for me throughout the day? I have become so accustomed to my more Toxic but but long-lasting eye liners and mascaras that I am a bit skeptical when it comes to organics' staying power.

I purchased the RMS living luminizer, mascara, and karma eye liner/ cream shadow.

I really want to make the switch to an organic and vegan, non-toxic makeup. I have high hopes for my RMS makeup and will keep you all posted after testing out their wearability and staying power on myself. 

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