Freedom of Animals is one of my favorite accessory brands.

Beautiful Handbags, including Clutches, Totes, Cross-Body Purses, Backpacks, and Day Bags for work that transition to night, are some of the staples of the current collection.  

The founder, Morgan Bogle, designs her bags with a complete understanding of the modern aesthetic that women desire in a handbag today.  Freedom Of Animals has been featured in many contemporary fashion publications, is completely vegan, and is as sustainability sourced as possible.

Morgan uses her social media as a platform to spread awareness about the issues closest to her heart; from Pitbull rescue and adoption, to the anti-Ivory trade movement, to the importance of volunteering for everyone. 

See a capture from her Instagram below:

A screenshot from the Freedom Of Animals Instagram account.

Sustainable Fashion is moving beyond the trend now. 

Morgan is such an inspiration to me, because F.O.A. not only fills a much-needed void in the accessories market, but she also uses her place in the spotlight to highlight greater issues. She is an avid animal-rights activist, and donates a part of every purchase to wildlife conservation efforts around the world.

Values such as Morgan's are so important to be highlighted. I hope you enjoy the interview, that they have inspired, below:

Q&A with Morgan Bogle

What is your name, Where were you born/ where do you currently call home, and what is your occupation?

Morgan Bogle. Portland Maine, but I grew up on a sailboat in the Caribbean. I call the East Village, NYC my home. I am the  founder of Freedom of Animals

Please describe your company, Freedom Of Animals

Freedom of Animals is a sustainable and cruelty free bag line that is made in the USA. We use the most eco friendly materials that don't harm any people or animals and support a local economy. Additionally we partner with conservation organizations and big retailers to spread the message of the importance of conscious consumption.
Morgan Bogle wearing the "Melia" bag from 2013.

Morgan Bogle wearing the "Melia" bag from 2013.

What does “Sustainable Fashion" mean to you?

As a designer it means using materials that are post consumer, have low chemical content and are made locally. As a consumer it is being aware of where the products come from, what they are made of and who was impacted during production.
Do you think more local/ sustainable fashion is possible? Totally. There is incredible craftsmanship in the USA and a plethora of sustainable and technologically advanced materials on the market. I am not against supporting communities world wide but having one element of your product being eco friendly is important to me.

What does "green living" mean to you? 

Being mindful of our actions. Daily reminders such as recycling and using less energy is always important but bigger picture decisions are even more important and that is being consciously aware of everything that you are consuming from fashion to transportation to food to living arrangements. 

How can a green message reach a broader audience??

It will take time but social media, inspiring marketing and coming up against not having much of a choice anymore will start to change peoples perspective.

I truly believe that living an AMAZING, ABUNDANT, FUN, and FASHIONABLE LIFE does not have to be in opposition with living green and sustainably. 

...Do you have any tips for like-minded companies/ bloggers/ designers to help better reach the young women and men (teens-twenties) that are the audience for current magazine and television marketing?

I spent a year researching what I could do to be a part of the betterment of the world and I think it is everyone's responsibility to do the same. It is now more available than ever so my suggestion would be to research how we can all be a little bit more mindful on a day to day basis.

     The values that designers like Morgan are building around their businesses, are not only necessary for our earth and future generations, but can also inspire beautiful design for fashion-conscious consumers. Please visit the LABELS I LOVE page, featuring FREEDOM OF ANIMALS for more info. Also please be sure to check out Morgan's Instagram and follow the Freedom of Animals website to shop and see updates! 

Thank you for reading!

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Mimi Kim is a powerhouse of the organic beauty industry, and the owner/ founder of the skin care line BIODARA. The name Biodara is derived from a melding of different languages meaning: "life, beauty and intelligence."

Mimi Kim_biodara
BIODARA is an eco conscious luxury skin care line that perfectly blends modern science with natural, organic bioactive botanicals. These products not only enhance the outer beauty but nourish the skin and body.

Infused with a concentration of powerful anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that assist in fighting signs of aging, stimulate cellular turnover and protect against free radical damage. Our nutrient dense formulations deeply penetrate skin’s layers revitalizing your skin and leaving it radiant and refreshed.
— Biodara.com

This  line stands out among the many organic products that I have tested over the years for its quality, effectiveness, and affordability. Not only do her products pamper your skin with the best ingredients, but the packaging, formulation, and processing of them are also carried out with the environment in mind... "

"Great care and thought is involved in using only the finest natural, organic and non- GMO ingredients that are free of parabens, chemicals and synthetic fragrance. Absolutely no fillers are added; each ingredient is specially chosen to synergistically work together. To ensure potency and purity, our products are hand blended in small batches and encased in eco-friendly violet glass jars/bottles which shields the active ingredients by blocking out damaging light yet allowing the penetration of stimulating violet and infra red light."

See my interview with Mimi below:

What is your name and how do you describe your company?  

My name is Mimi Kim. My company, BIODARA, is an eco-conscious luxury skincare line that blends modern science with natural, organic bioactive botanicals. These products not only enhance the outer beauty but nourish the skin and body. 

What makes your clay mask stand out from the rest?

Crème de Clay is a  deep pore cleansing clay mask that not only contains therapeutic bentonite clay but roasted bamboo salts that help extract impurities and detoxify the skin while organic sea kelp and ionic trace minerals help soothe and moisturize your face.  Most people who try it say their face feels so refreshed and luminous, like they just had a professional facial.

Do you think a more sustainable is possible affordably?.. Is it able to reach everyday consumers? Most people don't have the extra income to spend on the best ingredients, and seem to believe more sustainable options are too expensive or simply unavailable?  

Absolutely!  When you choose quality, sustainable ingredients, the benefits are long term, not just temporary.  Your body, especially your skin, responds much better to natural ingredients.  What you put on your face/skin affects your whole body, mind and health.  A happy, healthy body, you can’t put a price tag on that.  Also, a little goes a long way.  I would rather use a small amount of healing and beneficial product, than gallons of synthetic, harmful product.  

What does "green living" mean to you? How do you live green?

I view our beautiful earth as a lovely home that we should enjoy and cherish.  I try to treat it with respect and love, trying my best to make conscious choices.  There are so many little ways, but they all together can make a great difference.  Our products are all packaged in reusable violet and amber glass that help shield the active ingredients by blocking out damaging light; synthetic preservatives are avoided which can harm our body and environment.  In our home, we try to use glass, stone or clay instead of plastic.  We try to support our local communities, especially local artisans and farmers.  I love to make/ferment homemade yogurt, water kefir, red wine vinegar, etc.  What is amazing with these natural ingredients, they are designed to be shared.  It’s very economical, healthy and creates a giving spirit!

The Model4greenliving Takeaway:

I have personally tested all of her products, and stand by their quality, ingredients, and effectiveness.  The two products that I love the most include her Crème de Clay Mask and the Immortal Face Mist.

Check out my next post on the best beauty products for the new year, coming this week. And as always thank you for reading!



Renee Peters

Renee Peters is a NYC-based model, blogger, and advocate of mindful, sustainable living. She strives to be a role model by using her platform for positive change. Through her blog, Model4GreenLiving, Peters seeks to reshape the way people think about environmental issues and provide practical tips and everyday actions for readers.  Peters uses social media to promote that same message, as well as one of self-love and body-positivity. She also volunteers, is an environmental activist, and is an avid learner of anything relating to the planet and its health. For booking inquires visit Muse Models NYC or Nomad Management Miami.