Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for America. I believe that its meaning often gets lost, however, amongst media coverage of feasts and “Black Friday” deals. I love preparing healthy, delicious, vegan meals for myself and my family, but I also recognize that the true reason for celebration is about much more.

     It is about being with loved ones.. about having time to slow down and reflect upon our lives. And more than anything, about recognizing the innumerable things we have to be thankful for.

     As citizens of first-world countries, we live in a time of unprecedented plenty. We have year-round access to fresh and nutritious food. We can breathe clean air and drink clean water. We are, for the most part, safe from war and infectious diseases. Because of the internet we have endless knowledge at our fingertips and communication available around the clock. 

     We also finally see ourselves in a time of ever-growing acceptance for those who are different from ourselves. Diversity in our physical and digital lives is opening us up to new ideas and ways of life. We are learning that we are stronger as global community, and that the better we understand and accept one another, the better our lives will be. I would love for us all to recognize how lucky we are, and use this time to reflect upon what we have. 

     I am thank full for being alive. I am thankful for my health, happiness and strength. I am thankful for my endlessly supportive family and friends; for my fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, and volunteers; for my amazing bookers and all of their hard work at all of my agencies around the world. I am forever grateful for my modeling career… the opportunities that it affords me, and the places it has allowed me to see. 

Humpback whale.jpg

     I am thankful for all the world’s creatures (from a tiny microbe to the awe-inspiring, giant Blue Whale). I am thankful for the clean air I breathe and the clean water I drink. I am forever grateful for the remaining natural environments of the world. I know that the biodiversity of the Earth allows our lives to flourish, and I am thankful for the NGO’s and Non-Profits of the world that continuously fight for their protection. I am also thankful for the government officials that recognize the need for their protection, and make climate action a priority as well. 

  There are many things to be thankful for, but don’t let your gratitude stop with just a thought. It is important that we turn our thoughts into action… express thanks to those who are close to you and to those who have helped you this year. Together, we can make the true meaning of Thanksgiving come to life.

      I invite you all to take further action, by joining me in the campaign from Racing Extinction #StartWith1Thing.

     And don't forget to watch Racing Extinction when it premiers on the Discovery Channel, December 2, 2015 at 9pm (8c). 

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       I am deeply moved by all of my readers, and those who continue to support me along my Model4greenliving journey. My ability to communicate my passions through this blog gives me endless hope and joy. I am humbled and encouraged with each and every new reader I have, and that is why, this Thanksgiving, I am also incredibly grateful for YOU, my readers. 

                                                                        Love and thanks,


Renee Peters

Renee Peters is a NYC-based model, blogger, and advocate of mindful, sustainable living. She strives to be a role model by using her platform for positive change. Through her blog, Model4GreenLiving, Peters seeks to reshape the way people think about environmental issues and provide practical tips and everyday actions for readers.  Peters uses social media to promote that same message, as well as one of self-love and body-positivity. She also volunteers, is an environmental activist, and is an avid learner of anything relating to the planet and its health. For booking inquires visit Muse Models NYC or Nomad Management Miami.