Cora Hilts and her company Rêve En Vert, are such inspirations.

Founded in 2013, Rêve En Vert has established itself as the premier online retailer of sustainable luxury. To us, sustainable luxury is quality fashion made from a place of consciousness, and we hold our designers to three tenants of production: independent, local and ethical. At Rêve En Vert we don’t sacrifice style for ethics. We are committed to driving awareness of how consumers think about the fashion industry. Rêve En Vert exclusively features designers who operate their businesses with respect for people and the planet. Our highly-curated collections deliver long-lasting fashion you can feel good about.

Read my interview with Cora Hilts below:

Please describe Rêv En Vert

     In the simplest terms, Rêve En Vert is the sustainable version of Net a Porter. We wanted to create the premiere online retailer of luxury sustainable fashion.

What does “Sustainable Fashion" mean to you?

     Our motto is sustainable luxury fashion, which to us means quality fashion made from a place of consciousness. We use three main tenants -ethical, local and independent - to define how we look at our designers, and they all have to check two of those boxes.

Why is the Paris Climate Conference of 2015 so important to Rêve En Vert?

     Between the 30th of November and the 11th of December, all eyes will be on Paris as the United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place for the twenty-first time. This year sees the conference take place at perhaps its most critical conjuncture as far as the global conversation over climate change is concerned. The focus this year rests specifically on the discussion of cutting global CO2 emissions. The goal for Paris in December is pretty clear-cut: to achieve a legally binding agreement, with universal participation among all nations, to keep global warming below what most scientists say is the critical threshold of 2 degrees Celsius of warming.
     This is really pivotal moment for not only the climate, but the time to change the way humankind is going to deal with the environment and the way we treat our planet moving forward. What the delegates to this Summit decide to do at this time will conceivably change industry, create different sorts of innovation and resource, and set the tone for what we all have to do to preserve the planet. We really wanted to help create awareness so people would lend a voice to their support of proactive steps. 
Do you think more sustainable, on-trend/ contemporary fashion is possible?
     Definitely I believe that or I wouldn’t have started Rêve En Vert! I think now you see a definite rise in a more conscious consumer-we want to eat organic food, we think of organic beauty products, we go on wellness retreats to re-collect with nature, etc., yet this woman still has no place to shop for high-end fashion that is sustainably and ethically produced. I think if that were an easy and luxurious option for her, she would always choose to purchase fashion that is produced with respect. 
...Is it able to reach everyday consumers who may shop in "fast fashion"? Many people don't have the extra income required to pay the "true cost" of their clothing, and seem to believe that more sustainable options are too expensive/  simply unavailable?
     I think that is always a factor because we have come to expect our fashion to be so cheaply produced and so quickly-it’s a really bad expectation to have but we think they way to fight this is through education. We have an editorial section at that we curate to provide people information about where their clothes come from, why it’s better to shop sustainably and to have them understand the process of considered production. I know this won’t change everyone’s shopping habits over night but I do think it creates a good start-we want people even if they can’t afford to shop all sustainably to start making the decision to buy one well-made sweater that perhaps costs a bit more but will last for years to come rather than 6 or 7 badly made ones that they will throw away at the end of the season.
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What does "green living" mean to you? How do you live green?
     Green living means making the most conscious decisions possible and to maintaining a real connection with nature. I eat as locally and seasonably as possible, I always am trying to reduce my plastic usage (getting rid of those plastic bottles or bags!), and most definitely consuming less but of more quality. When I was younger I used to consider going to the mall a treat, now I think of going to a yoga class the same way. I think that being more mindful automatically leads to a greater awareness of our surroundings and wanting to protect them, and I hope we are able to do that more widely though our work with Rêve En Vert.

     Rêve En Vert is running a VIP influencer campaign throughout the month to create awareness for the U.N. Climate Change Conference happening in Paris (COP21). Below is some information about the campaign:

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It’s not only politicians and state leaders that will be there meeting and flying the flag for environmentalists. Many famous people have been out lending their voices to the cause, including model Cameron Russell who is organising a “Models Who March” protest up to Paris. Many people from the world of fashion will be making their mark by joining those in Paris assembling for the summit later on this month. All of us will be affected by the effects of climate change so this event will be critical in framing the international response in preserving our planet.

  Photo of Cotillard Marion courtesy of R.E.V.

  Photo of Cotillard Marion courtesy of R.E.V.

Thank you as always for reading! Check out the Rêve En Vert website and Instagram at @revenvert to see what’s happening, and search the hashtags #sustainablestylist & #COP21.

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