I am so happy to present you with my first-ever YouTube video! It features me and one of my favorite Makeup Artists in NYC, Kristen Arnett. Kristen is a self described, "eco" makeup artist, and the Founder of the Green Beauty Team.

     I had been having problems with my skin since I got off of birth control, and needed some "green beauty" advice on how to conceal my blemishes. Kristen knows all of the best products from her extensive career in the industry, so she was a perfect fit.

     Switching out my makeup to all natural products with no silicones, petroleum or paraffin ingredients really helped, and I hope this tutorial can benefit you just as much as it has me!

     The video features Kristen's professional advice on products that let your skin breathe and won't clog your pores. She shows me several leading brands of eco-minded concealers and foundations along with the best tools and techniques to use when applying them.

     "Finding a great all natural foundation that won't clog your pores can be hard. In this video, I offer my professional advice on foundation and concealers that let your skin breathe. You’ll also pick up tips on how to use brushes and various application techniques to get luminous looking skin that feels great too."


Stay tuned for more "Makeup Overhaul" videos. This is just part 1 of a series of 3, where Kristen helps me "CLEAN OUT and GREEN OUT" my makeup bag. Be sure to visit for more great beauty advice!


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SUSTAINABLE STYLING TIP from Model4greenLiving:

I am wearing some of my favorite brands in the video. Click their following names to view their sites! Reformation Top, Rag & Bone Denim, Makeup Bag by Remember Me Green.