Cellulite seems to be the one thing that all women have, no matter how big or small they may be. Even in my absolute best shape, I still had cellulite lurking under my skin, waiting to make an appearance. I have tried creams and exercise to get rid of it, but it insists on staying around. 

     Doing research a couple of years ago, I finally discovered the amazing, ancient, all natural technique to help minimize it's appearance like nothing else can. Dry brushing, as it is called, has been the one thing I have tried that actually works. 


     According to Christina Pasternak "Dry Brushing helps loosen and shed dead skin cells, which will rejuvenate and soften the skin; improve texture, and promote cell renewal; improves circulation, which allows the body to expel more toxins and helps eliminate cellulite; and stimulates lymph flow, which allows for drainage of toxins into the colon. Through this process, blood and tissues experience a deeper level of cleansing, which also strengthens the immune system, contributes in a more even distribution of fat deposits, which reduces and prevents cellulite."


     The best time to dry brush is before a shower or bath, preferably in the morning. Experts say it’s best to start at your feet, using long, even, upward strokes, always moving toward your heart. Brushing towards your heart is very important, as it stimulates your circulation and prevents blood vessel rupture. Circular motions are OK too, especially on isolated areas that have, or are prone to, cellulite.

Dry Brush


     When starting a dry brushing regimen, select a natural-bristle brush (vegetable bristle brushes are typically preferred, rather than synthetic fiber brushes). They can usually be found at a health food store or online. Look for a brush with a long handle so you can get to your back and other hard-to-reach areas with minimal difficulty.


1. Brush up your legs, over your abdomen, then your buttocks and your back, always using upward strokes toward your heart.

2. Brush up along the outside of your arms. Then lift your arms up, stroking downward over your armpits and the insides of your arms, always towards your heart.

3. Brush your shoulders and chest using downward strokes, again, towards your heart. Are you getting the idea?

4. Brush with caution over sensitive areas like your breasts, avoiding your nipples. *Do not brush over broken skin, infections, or inflamed areas.

5. Be gentle! If your skin is turning red, you are brushing too hard and causing irritation. Over time, your skin will be able to tolerate more stimulating brushing, but it’s best to start with light, single strokes. *. Do not use a dry brush on your face. If you insist on including your face in this regimen, use a soft, dry washcloth instead.

6. Take a shower to further eliminate metabolic wastes.

7. Moisturize with an all natural lotion or oil that is free of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and parabens.