Your body needs enough water everyday to keep hydrated and cleanse itself of unwanted materials. Fat deposits that form on the body can be tough to break down and eliminate, but proper nutrition and exercise can help greatly with this.

     Fat is broken down when the body uses its fat deposits to produce energy. Oftentimes products are leftover from the chemical breakdown of this fat. If the byproducts are not used by the body as energy, they are then considered waste products that need to be removed. 
This is where the role of water comes in.

The Role Of Water

     Water is the vehicle used to remove these waste products from the body. The leftover materials from the fat breakdown are then filtered out of your organs by the water that you drink. The water carries the waste to your bladder where it is then expelled from your body through your urine.

How It Works

    Tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and increase your fat burning capabilities during exercise. Also high in Vitamin C, grapefruit increases your metabolic energy, burns fat, and increases energy. Cucumber helps you feel more full. Cucumber also reduces bloating and water retention as it is a natural diuretic.! Mint and Spearmint leaves aid in digestion and help the body eliminate fats naturally through the digestive process.

Fat Flush Water Recipe 

2 Liters (64 oz.) Purified Water

1 Tangerine, sectioned

1/2 Grapefruit, sliced

1 Cucumber, sliced

4 Peppermint or Spearmint Leaves

Ice, (made from purified water) optional

Mix in a pitcher before bed and drink throughout the entire next day. Please consider using organic produce for this, if it is unavailable to you, thoroughly wash the produce before adding it to the water.

     Please be advised that you still need to exercise for your body to break down the fat. Once it is broken down through exercise,   fat can then be eliminated by the body faster and easier with the help of this water. Proper nutrition also plays a huge role as well.

I hope you enjoy the Fat Flush Water Recipe!                                                                                                                                     the very least, this tasty recipe will give you some added nutrients and help you drink more water!