My name is Renee Peters, and I am a lifelong animal lover and nature enthusiast. I am a fashion model in NYC, with Nomad MGMT globally, and have been working all over the world for the past eight years. I try to give back to the planet and the natural world, by using my platform as a model to reshape the way people think about the environment and their role in protecting it.

I initially launched Model4greenliving to provide practical tips and everyday actions that encourage mindful, sustainable living. However, I've realized we cannot buy our way out of the climate crisis we are in, and the best way forward is with informed individual & community actions, that ultimately lead to systematic restructuring.

Through my work, I am exploring the complexities of potential solutions by interviewing a wide range of environmental thought-leaders and change-makers from all backgrounds –sharing what I discover from them, with you primarily through Instagram and YouTube.

I believe that when we understand the nuances in the issues we face, hear from a wide variety of perspectives, and learn from the wisdom of marginalized voices, can we come up with the solutions needed for a truly just and sustainable world.


I aim to be a mind, body, and planet positive™️ example for anyone who cares about the environment but isn't sure what they can do to help, as well as for those who have never considered their environmental impact. I love using Instagram and Interviews on YouTube to inspire meaningful conversations around the complexities of living a sustainable life.

“Sustainability isn’t black and white… our conversations around it shouldn’t be either.”

While conscious consumerism can be helpful for those privileged enough to participate, it does not provide a quick enough solution to our climate crisis. This old way of "voting with our dollar" does nothing to address the systemic injustices that inhibit many people's ability to be heard, influence policy, or have access to better choices. For these reasons, I feel we need to work together to shift this narrative once and for all.

As I embark on this new path –creating interviews and content with diverse thought leaders, furthering the conversation around the intersectionality of sustainability –your support and patronage will make it possible for me to phase out brand sponsorships and focus entirely on building a free, educational platform based on real, inclusive solutions. If this new way of speaking about sustainability resonates with you, please consider being a patron of my work, and follow me on Instagram and YouTube to keep up with my latest content.