“Sustainability isn’t black and white… our conversations around them shouldn’t be either.”

My name is Renee Peters, and I am a lifelong animal lover and nature enthusiast. I am a fashion model in NYC with Nomad MGMT globally, and have been working all over the world for the past eight years. I try to give back to the planet and the natural world, by using my platform as a model to reshape the way people think about the environment and their role in protecting it. I launched Model4greenliving to provide practical tips and everyday actions that encourage mindful, sustainable living.


     I aim to be a mind, body, and planet positive™️ example for anyone who cares about the environment but isn't sure what they can do to help, as well as for those who have never considered their environmental impact. I love using Instagram Live interviews to inspire meaningful conversations around the complexities of living a sustainable life.

    I live by the motto, “Buy less, choose well, and make it last.” We are fortunate to have such a broad range of sustainable products and brands available. So for me, it is about making the best choice from the options I have. Living a sustainable lifestyle is a constant process. Interests and needs change throughout our lives, so trying to adapt from one way of life to another overnight isn't the best option. I have been successful at implementing sustainability in my life because it is something that I build upon every day. Nothing has been overnight for me. The lifestyle I have created has been at least a six-year journey, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming because it is something I approach one decision at a time. 

    Slowly but surely, all of the choices I have made have become more and more green, and subsequently so has my life. I have discovered that small, daily actions can add up to be a massive reduction in our carbon footprint. To my surprise, by supporting my fellow humans and the planet by living this way, I have found out more about myself than I ever could have imagined. Giving up fast-fashion has been particularly eye-opening for me. Check out my article, “Why giving up fast fashion is one of the best things I’ve done", to find out why. And thank you for visiting Model4greenliving!