As a full-time model I am constantly traveling and on-the-go and not only have to maintain my physical appearance, but I also have to stay energized and focused while running around to castings and jobs everyday. That means being as healthy and fit as I can be at all times.

 Most of you know that, in our busy lives (model or not), this can be a daunting task. I experienced this firsthand on my first overseas modeling trip to London. After a few days of nonstop gosees, I was exhausted and felt like a wreck.... Why was this? Well I'll tell you why: my diet was crap and I hardly exercised. It became quickly apparent to me that the unhealthy lifestyle of my childhood was no longer going to cut it. Fast food had been fine as a teen, but now that I was on my own running around, I needed new way of living.

I had heard that a diet full of mainly unprocessed, whole foods was great for boosting energy as well as a fantastic way to maintain a slim but healthy physique. A healthier diet had always interested me, and being in London as an aspiring model was the perfect opportunity for me to give this clean-eating a try.

 Something about being all alone in a foreign city gave me the boost of confidence to give it a try... To start a new path for myself. I starting eating a vegetarian diet with 80% whole foods (fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, rice and other whole grains) and only 20% processed foods (breads, cheeses, yogurts, and other convenience foods). Although this may not be the case for everyone, I immediately began to feel and see the difference. I had more and more energy. My skin looked radiant and alive. The extra pounds I carried as a teen quickly went away even though I was never hungry.

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 I have been living this way for four years now, and although diet is only part of the formula, I truly believe that it has helped me succeed in the life that I have chosen to lead. Today I eat mainly raw and 100% vegan. I am stronger now than I have ever been, and have a healthy body inside and out. 

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     ***It is important for me to note that eliminating meat from the diet completely is not necessary by any means, this was purely my own decision. I am only here to advocate eating healthy and if you choose to include meat in your diet, that is your decision. Meat can be a healthy choice too, as long as it is a lean cut, and most importantly (when possible) organic and free-range. Meat should be considered part of your 20% "other" category, however, to ensure that the daily diet is a well-balanced-spectrum of whole foods from all categories.

 It is possible to live and eat green, no matter who you are or what your job may be. I hope that by providing you all with the resources that I have acquired over the years, I can make the transition easy for you too.


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