I was on a job last month with a beautiful Australian model and learned about another great, natural skincare trick.

      She was 26, working all the time with makeup on and makeup off, flying constantly for work; and yet somehow still had absolutely glowing skin. I asked her what her secret was and her reply was simple enough. It inlcluded many things I already knew... "Drink lots and lots of water, eat healthy, wash your face twice a day, moisturize... etc.", but then she admitted that she had recently discovered a little secret.  "Tea tree oil" she said, used as a toner after washing her face, had really helped clear and tighten her pores in a way that washing her face alone simply didnt accoplish. 

I have been using it as a toner for a month now, and after testing it on my self and seeing the results personally, I wanted to share it with you. 


What to use:


100% Tea Tree oil 

(I bought this Australian Tea tree oil for less than $15.00)

cotton pad or cotton ball

Bottled or purified tap water

How to use:

*Apply this toner after washing your face so that your pores are still open and most of the dirt is already removed.

-Wet your cotton pad with just enough water that it is fully saturated.

-Apply 3-4 drops of tea tree oil on to the cotton pad

-Gently rub the cotton pad in upward motions over your entire face, concentrating a little bit more on areas that are more oily and prone to break outs.

 *It is important not to rub too hard, and avoid dry areas of skin. 

 -Allow your face to air dry, then follow with your moisturizer of choice. 


How it works:

                  Tea tree oil actually has antibacterial and soothing properties that make it perfect for riding pores of acne causing bacteria. Terpenes, a type of volatile oil, are the component believed to be responsible for this. 

According to dermatologist and aesthetician Dr. Aurora DeJulius, "The oil penetrates and disinfects the blockage between your skin and the sebaceous glands, and is also good at drying out whiteheads and blackheads."

**Use caution if you have sensitive skin or eczema, and perform a patch test on your arm before applying it to your face.  **DO NOT APPLY THE OIL DIRECTLY TO YOUR SKIN without using water to dilute it first.****

                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks for reading!